National Geographic photographer and International League of Conservation Photographers Fellow Dr Tim Laman is a field biologist, explorer and wildlife photojournalist. Apart from his regular National Geographic articles his work appears in a range of leading publications and in several award-winning books including Birds of Paradise – Revealing the World’s Most Extraordinary Birds. The book is the culmination of an eight year project to photograph all of the world’s birds-of-paradise species. With a PhD in environmental biology from Harvard, Tim is also an accomplished research scientist. Visit his webpage for more examples of his photography:

Exhibition works: Two signed limited edition prints including Tim’s iconic shot of a Greater Bird-of-Paradise at sunrise in the Aru Islands, Indonesia and a close up of a male Raggiana Bird-of-Paradise in display.


One of the world’s most celebrated natural history artists this year marks the 50th anniversary since William Cooper began as a professional artist. Bill has illustrated some of the finest natural history books ever published. His work is held in numerous collections around the world including in the Australian National Library. In 1992 the Academy of Natural Sciences Philadelphia USA, presented Cooper with their gold medal for distinction in natural history art - the first and only Australian recipient in its 190 year history. In 1994, Cooper was awarded the Order of Australia (AO) for his contribution to art and natural history. For more on Bill’s work visit his webpage at

Exhibition works: Two signed limited edition Giclee prints on canvas including Lesser Bird-of-Paradise and Stephanie’s Astrapia


Cairns-based, internationally renown photographer Jürgen Freund’s career spans more than 30 years. During this time Jürgen has won some of the most prestigious awards in the world of nature photography including BBC Wildlife Magazine Wildlife Photographer of the Year, World Press Photo Award for Photojournalism, Festival Mondial de l’images, Nikon Photo Contest International and numerous others. Co-authored with his wife Stella, his recent book in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund, The Coral Triangle examines the environmental and social issues of the world’s most biologically diverse marine region. Learn more about his work at:

Exhibition works: Three signed prints of Jurgen’s extraordinary underwater photography printed using a new method as aluminium mounted gloss prints 



Internationally acclaimed wildlife artist Peter Schouten’s works feature in numerous award winning books including Prehistoric Animals of Australia, A Gap in Nature, Astonishing Animals, Possums of the World, Tree Kangaroos - A Curious Natural History and Feathered Dinosaurs. His work has been commissioned by Australia Post, Telstra, QANTAS, Papua New Guinea Post, Franklin Mint, National Geographic, Natural History Magazine, and Wildlife Conservation Magazine, Australian Geographic Magazine, to name just a few. For more of Peter's art work visit:

Exhibition works: Three signed prints of Peter’s illustrations including Goodfellow’s Tree Kangaroo, Dingiso, and Bulmer’s Fruit Bat



You are probably more familiar with Michael Payne's work than you realize. A professional graphic artist with 30 years experience, Michael has travelled much of the world in his profession. Among his many and broad ranging works his illustrations appear on the Australian $10 note. A regular illustrator for Australian Geographic magazine his latest commissioned work appears in the article ‘Cultural Conservation’ a story about traditional knowledge and community-based conservation in the YUS Conservation Area in PNG which features in the current (May-June 2014) issue of the magazine. See more of Michael’s work here:

Exhibition works: Limited edition print on canvas of Michael’s painting of traditional New Guinean Highland headdresses.




From a background in marine science, Dr Simon Foale’s interest in the relationship between local environmental knowledge and fishery management led him into the fascinating world of anthropology. He has completed a variety of consultancies in environmental conservation, the social and economic impacts of mining, and in development aid, mainly in the Pacific. Simon continues his research on local environmental knowledge in the fisheries sector, mainly in the Asia-Pacific region, but also works on broader sustainable development challenges, and maintains an interest in the history and philosophy of science, and environmentalism. He’s also a keen photographer whose research has allowed him to get ‘off-the-beaten track’ and develop close connections to his photographic subjects. More about Simon’s professional work here.

Exhibition works: a selection of prints of Simon's photos from Melanesia


Michael is a semi-retired zoologist, currently appointed as an Adjunct Research Fellow with the School of Marine & Tropical Biology at James Cook University. A full-time wildlife photographer and writer, Michael has lived in north Queensland for three decades. He has compiled one of the most extensive photo libraries of the region's tropical fauna, flora and landscapes and published numerous books about the natural history of the tropics. His photographic exploits have also taken him to many other biologically diverse regions including Borneo, New Guinea, Madagascar and several other countries. View more of Michael’s photography

Exhibition works: Three prints representative of the reptiles and frogs of New Guinea



Dr Mark Ziembicki is a Senior Research Fellow affiliated with James Cook University’s Centre for Tropical Environmental and Sustainability Science and the Centre for Tropical Biodiversity and Climate Change. His research interests focus on the threatened species and ecosystems of the tropics and the role of indigenous peoples in environmental conservation and natural resource management. Since 2010 he has been working in the YUS Conservation Area in PNG. He is a keen advocate for using photography to help communicate science and for documenting the wonders and plight of the people and environments of the Indo-Pacific region.

Exhibition works: Several photographic prints from the YUS Conservation Area in PNG